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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS was awarded the 2014 Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel by the International Thriller Writers!


The ALL OUR YESTERDAYS prequel web series is here! In PAST IS PROLOGUE, meet Em and Finn and learn about the secret they're keeping from the man they call only "the doctor" in this story that leads up to the beginning of the novel. All four episodes are now available!


Coming 9/03/13 from Disney-Hyperion

Pre-Order at Amazon / BN / IndieBound

"Time travel done right. Powerful emotional relationships and tight plotting in this debut mark Terrill as an author to watch." -- Kirkus STARRED Review

"Masterfully plotted and rich with emotion, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS is possibly the most addictive book I've read this year." -- Becca Fitzpatrick, NYT Bestselling Author

Read the SUMMARY and FIRST CHAPTER online now!


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  • ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video May 25, 2013
    This is what happens when you ask me to make a vlog (*shudder*) about the inspirations behind All Our Yesterdays and then let me mess around on iMovie for a couple of hours.  The post ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video appeared first on Cristin Terrill.

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    I love how, because of that “Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure” Onion headline, “cinnamon roll” has become a commonly accepted phrase for “a character who is cute and kind and typically gets more pain in canon than they deserve”.

    Like, we didn’t have a real phrase for that common phenomenon (wubbie maybe, but that has negative connotations ie “this character has been wubbiefied by the fandom”) and then someone used a screenshot of a headline from a satire news website to describe it, and then everyone else was like “yes good let’s use this”. You couldn’t make that shit up. I bet there are people who use that phrase now who didn’t even see that headline.

    Language is evolving right before our eyes in a very weird and beautiful way and I am very very sorry for future linguist who have to puzzle this shit out.  

    As a present day linguist I am loving it

    LANGUAGE! SO GREAT! Also, MAN did I need that phrase what with almost all the characters I adore being Beautiful Cinnamon Rolls.


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    The last one is not using the dog as a pillow. The last one is using the dog to test out its plans for world domination. 

    That dog has seen things