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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS was awarded the 2014 Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel by the International Thriller Writers!


The ALL OUR YESTERDAYS prequel web series is here! In PAST IS PROLOGUE, meet Em and Finn and learn about the secret they're keeping from the man they call only "the doctor" in this story that leads up to the beginning of the novel. All four episodes are now available!


Coming 9/03/13 from Disney-Hyperion

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"Time travel done right. Powerful emotional relationships and tight plotting in this debut mark Terrill as an author to watch." -- Kirkus STARRED Review

"Masterfully plotted and rich with emotion, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS is possibly the most addictive book I've read this year." -- Becca Fitzpatrick, NYT Bestselling Author

Read the SUMMARY and FIRST CHAPTER online now!


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  • ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video May 25, 2013
    This is what happens when you ask me to make a vlog (*shudder*) about the inspirations behind All Our Yesterdays and then let me mess around on iMovie for a couple of hours.  The post ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video appeared first on Cristin Terrill.

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    I’m headed to the Galapagos to swim with the sea lions! It’s my second vacation this year after not having taken one for like fifteen years, which I feel kind of weird about, but I’m still super excited! Follow my Instagram for pictures!


  • Last time on my imaginary third season of REIGN… Francis was assassinated in a Protestant plot and Mary was forced to return to Scotland with only Kenna and Bash as allies against hostile, barbarous Scottish lords. But Mary has a plan to conquer England and dethrone the English queen she believes to be responsible for her husband’s murder.


    Okay, so we’ve got Mary struggling to adjust to the Scottish court and balancing the tension between the Catholic and Protestant factions in her country with the help of her bastard brother James and Bash, who is as in love with her as ever.

    Enter Henry, Lord Darnley.

    [appropriately attractive man in Renaissance clothing pictured here]

    Henry is a Catholic Englishman and cousin of Elizabeth’s with a strong claim to the English throne. He is young, charming and devastatingly handsome. He arrives at the Scottish court as part of the wedding party of an English duke’s daughter who is set to marry a Scottish lord, and he and Mary have an instant connection. In a court of ruffians, Henry is all courtesy, a true gentleman, and he has a lighthearted approach towards life that is appealing to Mary, who feels weighed down by all of her burdens.

    After Henry returns to England, Mary realizes that she is in love with him. She wants to marry him. An alliance between them would strengthen her claim to Elizabeth’s throne, but more importantly, she’s convinced it would bring her the happiness she’s been so long without. Bash argues forcefully against the marriage. Not only is he secretly in love with her himself, but he doesn’t trust Darnley and knows that a marriage to a Catholic and an Englishman will provoke the Protestant Scots. Kenna echoes Bash and confides in Mary that Darnley propositioned her while he was at the palace. But Mary is led by her heart and won’t listen to any objections.

    However, Elizabeth also opposes the match and refuses to give her consent. Because he is a noble, Henry cannot marry without it, and further, Elizabeth won’t allow him to leave the country. Finally, Henry stages a daring escape from England, fleeing to Mary’s side. 

    Her brother James begs with Mary not to wed Henry. It will bring ruin on the realm, he says. When she won’t listen, he threatens her. He will no longer be able to support her if she makes such a disastrous marriage. Bash reluctantly takes James’s side, hoping that it will bring Mary to her senses. But Mary won’t be threatened or given ultimatums. She is the queen, and she will marry as she wishes.

    As Mary weds Henry, James raises an army of Protestant rebels against her with the help of Bash, who leaves Kenna behind at the Scottish court for her own safety.

    Mary’s troops and James’s rebels engage in battles all across Scotland, but Mary’s more pressing concern is her husband, whose true colors begin to show shortly after their wedding. An immature young man who has always been under the control of others, he quickly grows drunk on the power and freedom of being Mary’s king consort. He drinks and is often found visiting the whore houses of Edinburgh, and he lashes out violently at Mary whenever she tries to control him or his behavior, insistent that he will not be dictated to by a wife, even if she is a queen. Mary’s only consolation is that she is finally with child.

    Mary is so distracted by her husband that she cannot lead her army properly, and James is on the cusp of certain victory until the Earl of Bothwell returns from exile to fight at the head of her troops. He becomes her most trusted adviser and the one person she can rely on other than Kenna.

    After many disagreements over tactics and goals, Bash defects from the rebels’ side and returns to Mary. He begs for her forgiveness, and at length she grants it to him, taking him once more into her confidence. Soon after, Bothwell defeats James’s rebels, forcing James to flee to England.

    With her marriage in shambles, Mary once again begins to lean on Bash. They begin to spend more and more time together, often alone, because Mary doesn’t trust anyone else at court. Slowly, the feelings she’s so suppressed for him begin to resurface. Could she have been in love with Bash all this time?

    At the same time, rumors circulate about the relationship they shared back in France. Everyone can see the way they look at each other, including Kenna, and soon there are whispers that Bash is the true father of Mary’s unborn child, that his defection with James was just a disguise and that he was spying for Mary, his lover, the entire time he was gone.

    Darnley is incensed and his pride severely wounded by the rumors. He joins with several Protestant Scottish lords, who are still smarting from the defeat of the rebels, to hatch a plan to take care of Bash.

    Bash is in Mary’s chambers one evening and can no longer keep his true feelings to himself. He tells Mary that he loves her, that he’s always loved her. Is there no chance they can ever be together? Mary is about to confess her feelings as well when Darnley and the Protestant lords burst into the chamber. They have already murdered her guards, and now they’ve come for Bash. Mary tries to shield Bash with her heavily-pregnant body until one of the lords presses his gun to Mary’s stomach.

    Darnley and the lords stab Bash to death as he clings to Mary’s skirts, soaking her dress in blood.

    NEXT UP IN SEASON FOUR… The downfall of Darnley and the abduction of Mary. Is she an innocent victim or the mastermind behind it all?