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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS was awarded the 2014 Thriller Award for Best Young Adult Novel by the International Thriller Writers!


The ALL OUR YESTERDAYS prequel web series is here! In PAST IS PROLOGUE, meet Em and Finn and learn about the secret they're keeping from the man they call only "the doctor" in this story that leads up to the beginning of the novel. All four episodes are now available!


Coming 9/03/13 from Disney-Hyperion

Pre-Order at Amazon / BN / IndieBound

"Time travel done right. Powerful emotional relationships and tight plotting in this debut mark Terrill as an author to watch." -- Kirkus STARRED Review

"Masterfully plotted and rich with emotion, ALL OUR YESTERDAYS is possibly the most addictive book I've read this year." -- Becca Fitzpatrick, NYT Bestselling Author

Read the SUMMARY and FIRST CHAPTER online now!


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  • ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video May 25, 2013
    This is what happens when you ask me to make a vlog (*shudder*) about the inspirations behind All Our Yesterdays and then let me mess around on iMovie for a couple of hours.  The post ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Inspirations Video appeared first on Cristin Terrill.

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    the trick to intrusive thoughts is not to try to resist em but like…..let them happen and dont fixate on them…treat them like an annoying friend who’s yelling random shit from the backseat like “hey you could stab yourself in the leg with those scissors” thanks timothy i could also not do that 

    You could try this, but since that inner voice is actually STILL YOU, I find it’s a lot more effective to be very, very kind to it. If you try to stifle or ignore or talk down your inner voice, you’re stifling and ignoring and talking down a part of yourself that is already hurt and acting out. Soothe it, pet it, tell it everything will be okay and that you love it. It’s surprisingly effective.


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